Ezekiel "Joker" Wallace

Mighty Space Pirate, hotshot pilot, and remote amputation specialist


Ezekiel “Joker” Wallace

Tac Cloak:
Tech Armor:

Body: 7
Dexterity: 9

Perception: 9
Presence: 6
Will: 8

Vitality: 37/37 (10/10/10/7)
Resolve: 42
Shields: 20/20
Armor: 25

Homeworld: You Can’t Go Home Again
-Homeworld attacked by Collectors, destroyed by Reapers

-Marine Sniper
-Iron Eagle

-Greedier Than Thou

-Half the Man He Used to Be
—Cybernetics obtained on Omega black market
—Installed by krogan doctor, Halot Thrax

Homeworld package: Marches, High Population (Trade Colony,

Attican/Terminus border world)

Marine – Experienced
Pirate – Experienced
Benefit Points: 4
Starting Cash: $20,000


Acrobatics 6
—Zero-G 7
Athletics 3
Bargain 3
—Fast Talk 4
Bureaucracy 2
Computers 4
—Hacking 5
Defend 7
Dodge 7
Empathy 2
—Intuition 3
Engineering 2
Gunnery 4
Intimidate 7
—Torture 8
—Interrogation 8
—Bluster 8
Intrusion 4
—Electronic 5
—Mechanical 5
Medical Sciences 2
Melee 5
—Short Blade 6
—Long Blade 6
Observe 4
Piloting 8
—Ultralight 9
—Light 9
—Medium 9
Profession (Marine) 4
Profession (Pirate) 4
Shoot 8
—Sniper Rifle 9
—Two-Gun Mojo (Dual pistols) 9
Stealth 4
Streetwise 4
—Contacts 5
—Contraband 5
—Scrounging 5
Subterfuge 3
Survival 4
Tactics 7
—Small Unit 8
—Starship 8
Technical Sciences 7
—Mass Effect 8
—Demolitions 8
—Electronics 8
Unarmed combat 8
—Martial Arts 9
—Brawling 9
Vehicle Operation 2

=CYBERNETICS= – Additional 50% electrical damage
Artificial Lung
-Prosthetic Arm
-Targeting Optics ($900): +1 to ranged attacks
-Internal Weapon Mount (Shotgun, Left Arm, $1500)
NOTE: Zeke has not told anyone about this.
-Subcutaneous Communicator ($650)


Logic Arrest Tool
Skill Bonus: 2 to Engineering and Technical Science
Mods Slots: 2
Cooldown Bonus +2
—Aegis Mod
—Tokamak Manipulator
—Little Black Box (
2 to hacking)
- Motion Tracker
Cooldown Bonus: 0
Cost: 815

“Velma” – Sniper Rifle
-Barrel Extension
-Electric Ignition
-Scope, Range-finding laser (+1 to hit if linked)
-Pulsated Blast
-Alt-Fire: Cryo
Damage: 7
Max Damage: 95
Range: 65m
RoF: Single (Barrel extension)
Cost: $6000
Concealment: Impossible

“Laverne & Shirley” – paired pistols
-Space-adaptable (3x range in space)
-Elec Ignition
-Alt-Fire: Cryo
Damage: 3
Max Damage: 65
Range: 14m
RoF: A
Concealment: +1
Cost: 615 per.

“Lefty” – Hidden shotgun in arm
-4/4 shots
-Internal Mount, Left Hand
-Revolving Magazine
-Spread Shot
-Sensor Baffling (+4 TN to detect)
Dmg: 5
Max Damage: 70
Range: 12
RoF: S, A
Concealment: Needs Subterfuge vs Observe to detect if not

Cost: $515

-Elec Ignition
-Alt Fire: Cryo
Dmg: 4
Max Damage: 60
Range: 9

Damage: 3
Max Damage: 50
Cost: $500

Collapsible Monosword
Damage: 4
Max Damage: 60
Cost: $715

0.25kg stick, sold in packs of 4 (11)
Dmg: 10
Max Dmg: 100
Cost: $1,000 per, $2,000 total

Military Medium Combat Armor
-Motorized joints
-Medical System
-Smart Camo (+3 Stealth when hiding)
-Radiation Shielding
Armor Value: 25
Dissipation Value (Shields): 20
Weight: 24.8kg
Bulk: 1 (0 for Dodge and Defend only)
Cost: $5907
Shield Capacitors: 3/3
Med Unit: First use is Body + Will
3 injectors: 2 MediGel, 1 Neutrad

Grappler Gun (Pistol, Duracable, Grappler Tag) – $420
HUD – $55
Medkit, Fast Use – $55
Fusion Torch: $120
Flash-Seal – $70 (x3) = $210
Advanced Electronics Kit – $1,000

CASH ON HAND: $140,944


Ezekiel Wallace was born and raised on a trading colony in the frontiers between the Attican Traverse and the Terminus Systems. Despite its place as a populous world, between raids by Batarians and the general apathy of the Alliance and Council, New Haven only offered a few choices of career for a young man with a quick mind and a strong arm: merc, gang member, or merchant. With none of these being favored choices, Zeke opted to get off-world altogether, and joined the Alliance Marines.

He earned his nickname during flight school for his quirk of making inappropriate comments during stressful situations, as well as another odd facet of his personality: The angrier he got, the more he smiled. He earned his 2LT bars in the 801st “Screaming Meemies” squadron aboard the Constitution, and stayed with that unit until the Battle of the Citadel.

During said battle, his fighter was hit by a Geth drone, and crashed into the Wards. Trapped on board enemy territory and alone with only his weapons and flight armor, he fell back on the knowledge granted to him by his upbringing on New Haven: Stay in the shadows, strike from behind, and never stop moving. Doing so, he eliminated or evaded enough geth to make it to a shuttle bay, whereupon he was able to rejoin the fleet and assist in rescue efforts – during one such effort, he first met then-Captain Merrick.

Shortly after, on the recommendation of his CO, he transferred to the 47th Infiltrator Corps, where he refined his native skills, earning several commendations as team sniper as well as his 1LT bars. It seemed like he had a promising career… until New Haven was destroyed during the Reaper War while the Council and the Alliance did nothing.

Ezekiel’s fall from grace was not a fast thing. Despite what the counselors, chaplains, and psychiatrists could do to help him with the loss of his family and home, he still grew more and more detached from his duties, and slid further and further into shadow. At first, it was little things – funneling information to some of his childhood friends in the merc bands, then supplies and weapons, with the goal of cashing out once he had enough to buy his own ship. Then, he saw a golden opportunity – the chance to steal one.

Making deals and plans with his contacts, Zeke chose the moniker “Red Jester” and went AWOL from the service. Arriving on the Citadel through less than legal means, he met up with another childhood friend who was gifted in the arts of lockpicking and ship systems, Charlie Yarrow. Unfortunately, disaster struck when a turian C-Sec officer by the name of Maximus Stern arrived with his rookie partner. A firefight ensued, after which Charlie was dead, the Wild Card wasn’t exactly what one might call spaceworthy, and Ezekiel was in very real danger of dying, were it not for an escape shuttle’s automedic.

Several months and cybernetic replacement parts later though, he was back in action, and over the years made a name for himself in the underworld community. Along the way he made friends and enemies, including a torrid affair with Vala’Nora vas Nedas, quarian and fellow ne’er-do-well, and an ongoing rivalry with Colonel Lothraine, leader of a well-armed mercenary group. Kal’Tor vas Neema became another friend after Zeke, in a rare show of mercy, rescued the quarian shipwright from a shuttle crash. But through it all, there was Max: Joker and Stern butted heads several times over multiple worlds, but one day, they were asked the impossible: They were asked to work together.

Ezekiel "Joker" Wallace

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