The Turian answer to Bruce Willis.


Name: Maximus Stern
Race: Turian

XP: 0

=Racial Bonuses=
Dextro Protein Based
Natural Weapons (Claws)
Skill Bonus (Shoot & Melee Combat Tests)
Skill Bonus (Tactics)
Skill Penalty (Subterfuge)
Ultra-Immune System (Radiation Only)

Body: 8
Dex: 8
Perception: 9
Presence: 7
Will: 7

Resolve: 40
Vitality: 35

Acrobatics (Zero-G) 2/5
Athletics 6
Bargain 2
Bureaucracy (C-Sec) 3/4
Defend 8
Diplomacy 2
Dodge 8
Empathy 2
Gunnery 5
Intimidation 5
Investigation 7
Medical Sciences 2
Melee (Knife Fighting) 4/6
Observe 7(8 w/ HUD)
Profession (Marine) 4
Shoot (JUDGEMENT) 8/11
Survival 3
Tactics (Small Unit) 8/9
Tech Science 2
Unarmed Combat (Brawling) 7/8
Vehicle Operation (High Speed Chase) 6/7



Base Dmg: 5
Max Dmg: 80
Range: 32m
RoF: S,A
Conceal: Impossible

Specialized Ammo:

Cryo – 6 dmg, 80 max dmg, 35m range, ROF: S. Cold damage/Freezes target.
Incendiary – 6 dmg, 80 max dmg, 35 range, ROF: S. Fire dmg/Ignites flammables.
Taser – 3 Dmg. Range 35m. ROF: S. BOdy Test (-1) or lose next action.
Anti-biotic – 3 dmg. Range 35m. ROF: S. Body Test (-2) or -2 Perception.
Explosive – 7 dmg, 105 max dmg, 35m range. ROF: S. 3m blast.
Disruptor – 3d12 dmg (artificials only), 80 max dmg, 35m range, ROF: S. 3m blast.

Security System: Voice activation. Attempting to fire weapon without activating results in weapon not firing, and taser in grip discharges. (Body Test (-2) or stunned for 2 rounds)

Atmospheric Modification: Space/No Atmosphere.

Heavily modified version of a C-Sec issue Heavy Automatic Pistol. Matte Black, with the word ‘Judgement’ written in Turian script upon the long barrel of the weapon.

Mass Effect Assault Rifle
Damage: 6
Max Dmg: 75
Range: 20m
RoF: S,A

Tangler Grenades (20)

Damage: 3
Max Dmg: 50

Medium Combat Armor
Armor Value: 25
Dissipation Value (Shields): 20

Weight: 27.3kg
Bulk: 1 (0 for JetPack)
Military Package (Medical System, Environment Seal, Motorized Joints)
Integrated Equipment: HUD, Jet Pack

Targeting Optics (+1 to ranged attacks)


Expert Criminal Investigation Kit
3 shield capacitors

1. Who Needs Gravity? (Homeworld)
2. Duty before ALL
3. Karma is a Loan Shark
4. Justice Never Sleeps
5. Too Angry to Live, Too Stubborn to Die
6. Unfinished Business
7. I know a guy…

Homeworld: Spacer – Turian Asteroid Colony
Turian Marines (Two Terms) – Mustered out as Marine Captain
C-Sec (Two Terms) – Started as a patrol officer, worked his way up to Homicide Detective.


Cerberus Dossier MS-T359C4/22


Name: Maximus Stern
Born: 2166
Birthplace: Turian Asteroid Colony
Parents: Augustus and Gaia Stern

Personality profile:

Strong concept of justice. Honorable, but driven. Considered highly stubborn and resourceful. Stim addict.

Career Profile:

=Turian Marines=
-enlisted, assigned to recon unit in first two years.
-worked way up to Sergeant by end of first tour.
-Recognized for leadership, affinity for fire team/squad level tactics
-Rallied and led squads during disastrous drop-pod assault on enemy stronghold.
-Commended for quick thinking in use of captured defense batteries to attack elements of enemy fleet.
-Demerited for failing to follow superior officer’s commands to NOT capture key orbital defense batteries.
-Demerited for disparaging comments made about superior officer’s parentage.
-Transferred to Turian MP division as Sergeant
-Relatively quiet postings for remainder of second tour, involving various Turian forward bases.
-Mustered out at end of second tour.

-joined C-Sec upon muster-out of Turian Marines.
-Meets Antonia Cato. Within one year,they are married.
-First two years as patrol officer in Zakera Wards.
-Encountered attempted shipjacking. Partner killed. One criminal killed in ensuing firefight. Criminal Elias “Joker” Wallace escaped, despite being critically wounded by Stern’s sidearm.
-rose to rank of sergeant, transferred to Ward 13 to command patrol officers.
-Maximus and Antonia give birth to a daughter, Galataea.
-Transfer to Homicide, promotion to detective after two years serving in Ward 13.
-“Misery” series of murders start. Victims are found dead in Ward 13. First victim is a Quarian pawnbroker. Victim found stripped of his suit, allowed to die by exposure. Second and third victims are a human Red Sand dealer and an Asari madame running a brothel in Ward 13. All killed in ways that made the victims suffer. Killer found after 5 week investigation by then Detective Maximus Stern, C-Sec – a Volus assassin.
-Local organized crime ring disrupted by evidence stemming from ‘Misery’ murders, arrests for murder/conspiracy to commit murder are brought by Detective Stern.
-Commended, promoted to Sr. Detective for work on various high-profile murders. Citation for bravery/initiative in rescue of hostages from a Reaper cult. Leadership of the cult killed or captured.
-First victim found in what would be known as the ‘Flayer’ serial murders. Young Asari found dead in one of Ward 13s alleyways, skinned (which was subsequently nailed to the wall nearby in a grotesque parody), and sections of her brain surgically removed. No known motive, body was apparently dumped.
-Second victim found two weeks later. Another Asari in her Maiden stage. Panic begins to stir amongst Asari population of Ward 13. Media outlet reporter for Westerland News calls the serial killer ‘The Flayer’, speculates on possible lack of attention by C-Sec Investigations team.
-Maximus Stern officially reprimanded for assault on Westerland News reporter during interview at crime scene.
-Third ‘Flayer’ victim occurs, this time a Turian shopkeeper. Maximus Stern officially assigned to head up investigation team to bring an end to the serial killing spree. Evidence comes to light that all three victims were biotics.
-After four weeks (and three more murders – 2 of them human), Senior Investigator Stern is brought before public C-Sec hearing. Widely considered a PR attempt to address public concern over the Flayer murders, with some rumblings that Stern is being set up as a scapegoat if the investigation fails.
-Stern begins pushing detective teams to their limits, mandating double-shifts. Increased stim rations are approved by C-Sec management.
-Evidence from a recent kidnapping brings Stern to catch up to ‘The Flayer’ before he can kill his next victim – a quarian female, also biotic. Ensuing running firefight leaves Stern and The Flayer heavily wounded. The Flayer manages to escape without claiming his grisly trophy.
-For nearly four months, no further attacks occur. It is thought The Flayer has left C-Sec’s jurisdiction.
-Stern’s daughter, Galataea, is kidnapped. A video recording is delivered to Stern’s C-Sec office, along with simultaneous postings to the ‘Net. The video shows a detailed account of the capture, torture, murder, and skinning of his daughter by The Flayer. Stern is placed on immediate emergency leave.
-Stern’s stim use begins to increase exponentially. He vows to bring The Flayer to justice by any means necessary. Psychological evaluations of Sr. Detective Maximus Stern reflect a significant change in behaviour, with a medical warning to ease on-the-job stim use. Stern is noted for putting in 48-hour shifts in his quest to track down The Flayer.
-Antonia Cato leaves The Citadel, moving in with relatives on Palaven. Her and Max’s relationship becomes estranged, as he withdraws further and further into his obsession with The Flayer.
-Stern is reprimanded for use of excessive force in the course of his investigations. Other officers privately express concerns about his rough treatment of suspects in interrogations.
-Stern is placed on a two-month medical leave due to excessive stim use, resulting in a crash after nearly 72-hours of active duty.
-During recuperation, Stern uses personal funds to hire a Krogan “Mercenary” – named Grend. His investigation continues despite being on leave, and he discovers one of the suspected alias’ for The Flayer has booked passage on a passenger liner bound for the Terminus Systems.
-Stern and Grend book passage on the ‘Empire Queen’, hoping to catch The Flayer while in transit.
Incredibly violent hilarity ensues, most of the damage caused by Grend.
-The Flayer is cornered by Grend and Stern, wounded heavily. Despite a burning desire to execute The Flayer on the spot, he instead arrests him and hauls him back to the Citadel – despite Grend’s objections.
-The Flayer is revealed to be a local Ward 13 civil engineer – Karl Gustaf. Psychological evaluation determines a deep psychosis, stemming from Karl being rejected for biotic training – he didn’t have the gift. Karl’s insane ravings indicate an intense jealousy of biotics, and his murders were an attempt to gain their abilities by consuming brain tissue via ritual sacrifice.
-Karl Gustaf is deemed irrevocably insane, and is remanded to permanent incarceration on the Prison Station ‘Stygia’. Outraged at the “lenient” sentence, Sr. Detective Maximus Stern tenders his resignation from C-Sec, and leaves the Citadel bound for Omega.
-Upon arrival to Omega, Stern begins doing odd-jobs, occaisional bodyguard work. On the side, his continued stim use leaves him with plenty of time. Stern turns to vigilantism in one of Omega’s more crime-riddled slums – mostly sticking to violent criminals and local gangs/smaller merc outfits. Most of them are left outside the local clinic (if wounded) or the morgue (if not), the word ‘JUSTICE’ painted on their chest.
-Six months after his arrival on Omega, Stern is visited by ‘representatives’ of Aria T’Loak, and escorted to Afterlife…


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